Saturday, December 29, 2012

Romance Book Review: Carol Lynne's It's a Good Life

Author: Carol Lynne
Series Connection: Book five in the Good-time Boys Series
ISBN: 978-1-78184-203-4
Genre: Contemporary Romance/ M-M Love Story
Publisher: Total-E-Bound
Release Date: January 21, 2013

I was lucky to get an advanced copy of Carol Lynne's new Good-Time Boys series. The story picks up a few years after Sonny has been shot and explores life with Sonny and his husband Garron. Sonny is experiencing new problems related to his brain injury, but is afraid to let Garron know. When Garron realizes something is wrong he pushes Sonny to see a doctor, however Sonny is too worried about what it will mean. 

Meanwhile, Ryker and Ranger's wife, Lilly is about to give birth and the whole family can't wait for the new arrival. 

There is a cameo scene where Ryan, Rio and Nate from Cattle Valley come out for a visit, those who are familiar with the series will remember that his is where Rio and Nate first met before the Cattle Valley series started. 

Good-Time Boys: It's a Good Life is an emotion filled book as Sonny wrestles with the idea that life would have been better if he would have died when he was shot and those around him see him as the one who keeps their small family together. Well played out this story comes out a little late for Christmas this year, but will remind us of the Christmas spirit when the holidays are over.

Have you ever wondered what life would be like without you?

Although Sonny Good still suffers repercussions from a gunshot wound to his head, he refuses to let them interfere with his life. He does his best to hide what he can from his partner, Garron, in an attempt to gain more independence. When a car accident forces Sonny’s newest health concern to the foreground, he begins to slide back into the pit of despair he’s worked so hard to crawl out of. What use will he be to his family and friends if he can’t lead a normal life?

When a seizure leaves Sonny in need of emergency care, a CT Scan reveals the cause of his continued blackouts. Faced with a risky surgery, Sonny begins to wonder if his loved ones would’ve been better off if he’d died the day of the shooting.

Faced with the prospect of losing the man he loves, Garron is determined to show Sonny what he has to live for.

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