Sunday, December 30, 2012

Romance Book Review: Crissy Smith's The Favour

Author: Crissy Smith
Series Connection: Book one in the Corporate Wolves Series
ISBN: 978-1-907280-23-8
Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance/ M-F-M/ M-M/ Ménage à Trois
Publisher: Total -E - Bound

Annebelle has been attracted to her boss and his vice president since she started working for the company a year ago. When the two men ask her to spend the weekend working with them on an important project, she doesn't know how she'll be able to handle it. She bites the bullet and decides to go ahead and do a favor for her bosses. 

Mac and Trevor have known that Annebelle is their mate and now they are finally going to do something about it. The only problem is will she accept what they have to offer. Not only are they asking her to be in a Ménage à Trois relationship, they are also asking her to accept their other side when they turn into large furry wolves.

Not a bad story, but very wrapped around the erotic theme. Would have been better if the novel explored a little more of the relationship between Mac and Trevor as well as Annebelle's background a little more. 

Doing a favour for her two bosses will turn out to be the most erotic experience of her life.

Annebelle Scott has lusted over her bosses for some time. When they ask a favour of her, she agrees. All she has to do is accompany them to their weekend house to work on a file that must be completed before Monday. Oh, and manage to hide her desire for them for a couple days. How hard can that be?

Matt McCoy and Trevor King have put their plan in motion to add Annabelle to their family. They concoct a story to get her to go away with them for the weekend. In the safety of their weekend house and family territory, they will not only claim her as a mate, but introduce her to the world of shape-shifters.

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