Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Romance Book Review: Lizzie Lynn Lee's Dragon Hunts

Author: Lizzie Lynn Lee
ISBN: 978-0-85715-919-9
Genre: Erotic Romance/ Shifter Romance/ Dragons
Publisher: Total- E - Bound

Jessica/Eliza is on the run from her mob boyfriend with her young son. Lucky to find a job as a secretary to a younger man that pays well, she has no idea what he has in mind when he takes her on a business trip.

Declan is ready to settle down when he meets Jessica and hires her as his secretary. He decides that Jessica is the one for him. Taking her away for a week seems like a good idea to get her used to the idea. 

While away Jessica gets a call from her son that her ex has found them, not knowing what else to do so that Declan doesn't get hurt, she takes her son and runs. 

But there are some things she doesn't know about Declan and she isn't going to get too far.

Excellent world building and descriptive pose gets the reader involved in this dragon shifter story. Who wouldn't want a sexy guy like Declan coming to their rescue, even if he does get a little scaly sometimes?

Hot boss turns into a dragon? Jessica thinks she’s bitten off more than she can chew...

In ancient times, when a dragon needed a mate, he could just swoop down on a village and kidnap a maiden. In modern times, this has proven to be a dilemma. Declan, the eldest of the Cairne brothers, is due to claim a bride. As a Harvard graduate, CEO of a trading company and Versace-clad executive, he can’t just shift to his true form and kidnap a woman to claim her as his. A perfect woman is hard to find, since Declan thinks dating is overrated.

Plump single mother Jessica Knapp is running away from her past. Between struggling to make ends meet and keeping herself and her son under the radar of her deranged mafia ex, dating is the last thing ever to cross her mind. So when her new boss Declan sets his sights on her, Jessie thinks his attention is nothing but flattery.

But Declan is a determined dragon. He swears he will have her even if it means he has to show her his scales, wings, and talons.

The hunt is on...

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