Sunday, February 3, 2013

Romance Book Review: Laura Browning's Remember Me

Author: Laura Browning
Series Connection: Barlow-Barrett
ISBN: 9781616504373
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Lyrical Press

Once I started reading the next up in the Barlow-Barrett series I couldn't put it down and read it in one lazy Sunday. 

When Lucy goes on her first vacation ever she experiences a lot of firsts. Her first time skiing, her first time on a commercial plane, her first time on a small plane and her first time meeting Brandon Barlow-Barrett. She tells herself this is just a vacation fling, she can't get too attached to Brandon, but can she help falling in love with him.

Brandon really needs this vacation. Before he gets on the plane he sees the most beautiful woman he's seen in a long time. Deciding he wants to spend some of his time with her, he agrees to give Lucy first time skiing lessons and if he's really lucky he get to some time off the slopes with Lucy as well. 

Of the three books in the series so far, Remember Me is turning into my favorite. It can be read on its own, but best read if the series is read in order. 


The plane went down…and took their love with it.

All Brandon Barlow-Barrett wants is a week away from his family’s newspaper empire, time on the slopes to relax and refocus. What he gets is Lucy Cameron, the most extraordinary woman he’s ever met.

Lucy Cameron doesn’t take vacations. Not until now. Her very first vacation is full of highs–falling in love with Brandon Barrett–and lows–realizing she has to tell him she earns her living as a stripper.

But there’s no time to reveal her secret. On the way back from a day trip to a neighboring Colorado town, their plane’s engine sputters and stops. All they have left is the dangerous peaks of the mountains, a nearby lake for a crash-landing, and Brandon’s last-minute declaration of love.

CONTENT WARNING: This is not an easy road to Happily Ever After. Some readers may be disturbed by the detailed description of the plane crash. Also, explicit language.

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