Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Romance Book Review: Marisa Chenery's Loved by a Werewolf

Author: Marisa Chenery 
Series Connection:  Oh, Canada!/Big City Pack
IBSN:  978-1-41993-817-7
Genre: Paranormal/ Shifter/ Werewolf/ Contemporary Romance
Publisher:  Ellora's Cave

Beginning of the book is set in Hatley Castle, which was situated in Hatley Park National Historic Site in Victoria, British Columbia where Sierra's cousin is getting married. Sierra is at the wedding with her brother and mother when she noticed her brother, who was drinking too much and goes off with a married woman.

While in the woods behind the castle looking for where her brother ran off to, she runs into, first a wolf and then a very handsome man. 

Cole in on vacation from Toronto when he finds his mate, Sierra, in the woods. Getting to know his mate and taking her home with him is his only goal for the rest of his vacation. 

The short story pretty much follows the same path as Marisa Chenery other shift books, however the location description in the front of the book makes this book stand out from the others in the Oh, Canada series.

At her cousin’s wedding, Sierra is stuck on drunk-brother patrol. When he slips out of the reception with a married woman, Sierra must go in pursuit. But her efforts are in vain and she finds herself on a hiking trail along the edge of the property. She’s not alone, however. A wolf is staring her down as if she’ll be his next meal. Damning her brother to the pits of hell won’t get her out of this one.

Cale knew he’d found his mate the moment he caught Sierra’s scent in his wolf form. Things don’t start off well, however, when she throws a rock at him. Not to be deterred, Cale disappears into the forest where he shifts to man. No rocks go flying when he approaches her this time and soon the two of them can’t keep their hands off each other. But Cale has a furry secret. One Sierra must accept, because living nine hundred years without her has been enough for this werewolf.

Hartley Castle

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