Monday, February 25, 2013

Romance Byte: Kelly Gendron's Fatal Promise

Author: Kelly Gendron
ISBN: not assigned
Genre: Erotic Romance ~ Contemporary
Publisher: Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

When Rainey Ann McKenna's dying husband asked her always to be there for his brother, Tex McCoy, she had no idea that five years later her promise would bring a murderer into her home. According to the conditions of his release, for the next three months Tex will be on house arrest before starting his probation. 

Obligated by a promise, Rainey takes the gorgeous but dangerous felon in.
Tex McCoy may have gone to jail for murder, but after almost a decade of being incarcerated, he too is dead inside. Resurrecting any of Tex's feelings-including the ones he once had for Rainey Ann McKenna-could not only be hazardous to her heart, but fatal to her body.

But beyond his crime, Tex has many other secrets, and with a single word spoken from the killer's mouth, Rainey's ordinary life will be changed forever...

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