Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Romance Book Review: Nina Cole's Snowbound

Author: Nina Cole
ISBN: Not Assigned
Genre: Romantic Comedy/ Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Whispering Publishing

A delightful love story between a tomboy sports writer and an accountant. 

Taking his nephews on a trip to the family cabin, Wes' car nearly runs into an old beat up car in a snow storm. With no other choice, Wes takes the car occupant to the cabin with them and immediately becomes attracted to the young woman. 

Jessie needs to get away for the weekend of Valentines Day after her boyfriend cheats on her with a prettier woman. Deciding it is time to be more dress up her looks she goes to a spa to learn how to put on make up and dress more feminine, but before she gets there she gets run off the road and meets a new man and his three nephews and gets snowed in the mountains for a few days. 

Recovering from a bruised heart, Jessie Brown takes a break from men and the dating scene with a Valentine’s Day weekend getaway, only to find herself rescued during an unexpected blizzard by a handsome accountant.

Wes Brighton discovers the challenge of starting his own business pales in comparison to hiding his attraction to Jessie. It wouldn’t be so difficult if he hadn’t gotten a glimpse of her in a pair of black lace panties.

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