Friday, March 8, 2013

Romance Book Review: Judy Mariott's Cruising the South China Sea

Author: Judy Mariott
Series Connection: Paranormal Sightings
Genre: Paranormal, Romance, Crime
Publisher: Whisper Publishing

When an older human man's body is found on a cruise ship in the middle of a werewolf shift, Gerry Slavinsky from the Centre of Paranormal Services is called in to investigate. What he finds is a ship that is serviced by a large group of werewolves and a whole list of suspects who might have gone rogue. 

Beth has won a trip on a cruise ship. A vacation is just what she needs as she continues to deal with the fact that a year ago she was bitten by a werewolf and now she is compelled to shift whenever the moon grows full. She has been too worried to ask anyone for help, until she realizes that the attractive man she's met on the ship is also a werewolf and she follows him to see if she can ask him some questions. 

Gerry has been hurt in the past, but can he take the chance and fall in love again, while trying to find the mystery rogue?

While this is part of series, it does not have to be read together. The only connection between the books is that the male characters all work for the same organization searching the world for rogue wolves. 

Beth, a curvaceous red head from London, England, thinks her love life is over when she is attacked by a rogue werewolf. Full of self-disgust over her new form and not really understanding what has happened, she withdraws into herself, until through her work as an artist, she wins a two week luxury cruise in the South China Sea. Despite huge reservations over managing ‘shape shifting’ at sea, she accepts.

As soon as she boards in Hong Kong, she meets Gerry Slavinsky; an CPSW investigator from Boston USA, appointed to discover how a passenger died in his cabin under peculiar circumstances. The attraction for both of them is explosive; but both know that any sexual union is out of the question. Sensing her arousal, Bjorg Adamsen, both the cruise hotel director, and the powerful, ship pack leader, pursues her. Despite his obvious good looks, intuitively she perceives evil. When the murders continue, Beth knows that, to survive, she must ally herself to one or the other.

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