Thursday, February 28, 2013

Romance Book Review: Hazel Gower's Kane's Mate

Author: Hazel Gower
Series Connection: Armageddon mates
ISBN: 9781937325619 
Genre: Shifter/ Paranormal/ Demons/ Romance
Publisher: Beachwalk Press
Publication Date: March 18, 2013

Faith has loved Alpha Kane nearly her how life. He was always a fixture in her life, but when she realizes he can never want her, she decides it is best to leave him alone and live her own life away from him. Leaving home for two years she finally decides it is time to go back home. She's there for one day before she meets Kane again and he kidnaps her and takes her for his mate.

Ever since the day he and his family met Faith, Kane has loved her. She was his princess, but she was so young. At 14 years younger then him, he didn't even realize that she was his mate. That is not until she comes home after being away from him for so long. Now he knows exactly what she is to him and he isn't taking no for an answer. 

Faith is a psychic powers and she's seeing the future and it isn't good for the people around her. She'll need everything she is to not turn and run, but to face the problems head on. The only question is will Kane be by her side or not?

Nice start for this new series. Faith is no push over and I like that in her character. Kane is an interesting character for an alpha, readers will have to make their mind up if he is strong enough for the job. I also like the demons in this one. This should turn out to be a pretty good series and there are plenty of siblings to keep the story going for a while. 

Faith's life has always balanced in two worlds—the normal human world and the supernatural. Now she has to choose between the two. 

Faith York is human, but she has psychic powers, which is a little odd since neither of her parents have paranormal abilities. Thankfully, the werewolf family who lived around the corner help her learn to control her powers. She instantly fell in love with the entire family, but especially Kane, the oldest son who is next in line to be Alpha. Unfortunately, Kane doesn't see Faith the same way she sees him. Heartbroken, she leaves town. 

When Faith returns from two years overseas, her parents throw her a welcome home party. Faith is shocked when Kane kidnaps her from the party and mate marks her. Now she struggles with the choice of whether to leave again and live a normal life—a life she yearns for—or stay with the man she's always dreamed of and live a supernatural life.

To complicate matters further, her psychic powers intensify and she begins to have visions of an upcoming demon Armageddon. Then she learns she was switched at birth, and she has a half-brother…who is half demon.

Faith must be stronger than she ever believed possible, and maybe in the process, she can trust herself to give Kane another chance. 

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