Saturday, May 25, 2013

Romance Book Review: Becca Jameson's Alyssa’s Wolves

Author: Becca Jameson
Series Connection: Wolf Masters, Book 4
ISBN: 978-1-93176-154-3
Genre: Paranormal, Shifter, Werewolf
Publisher: Liquid Silver Publishing

In Becca Jameson's forth installment into the Wolf Masters series, readers hear the story of Alyssa who comes into the Masters' family lives when she comes home for Christmas with Reese and Charles. Alyssa is running away from her pack and a bad arranged mating. She will do just about anything to get away even letting one of the two men claim her. Instead they find their own mate and Alyssa finds a safe haven with the Masters.

Unknown to Alyssa, Alyssa turns out to be true mates with Charles' brother Michael, however Michael wants to do the right thing and give her time, so he leaves for two years without telling her he is her mate. 

When Alyssa thinks she has smelled her mate, Michael comes running back to stake his claim on her before he loses her forever. But Michael isn't Alyssa's only mate and realizes he must share her or lose her. 

Enter Tyler. Tyler has been sent to find out if Alyssa is really mated to Michael by her old pack, but soon realizes that she is also his mate. Can these three strangers become a mated trio, before the past comes back and haunt both Alyssa and Tyler?

Nicely done storyline in the Wolf Masters series. I was waiting to hear what Alyssa's story was and how they were going to add the third to make a trio in this installment. I always love reading Becca Jameson's bedroom scenes and how she makes her heroes fall so completely in love with the female leads in her stories. 

After fleeing an arranged marriage in a polygamist society in Oklahoma, Alyssa Franklin wants nothing more than to enjoy her early twenties, take some classes at the local college, and learn about the world outside the confines of her childhood pack. Embraced by the loving Masters family in Oregon, Alyssa is beyond grateful for her good fortune. Nothing can upset her new life, except maybe the scent of her mate wafting toward her at a local rodeo…

Tyler Evans has been sent from Alyssa’s Oklahoma pack to ensure she is indeed mated to one of the Masters. Blindsided, he’s completely unprepared to realize Alyssa is his mate. In a rash, split-second decision, he flees her presence, not wishing to upset the perfect life his mate is living. Tortured with the need to be with Alyssa and unprepared for the inability to avoid the pull she has on him, he abandons his family in Oklahoma and treks to Oregon to claim his mate.

Michael Masters has been living in Spain for two years, knowing Alyssa is his mate and wishing to give her time to mature and experience life before claiming her. When he learns she believes another man is destined for her, he returns from abroad to claim his mate. Hoping she was mistaken, Michael treads lightly with his fingers crossed that fate has not deemed it necessary to share her.

When these three souls collide, tension rises. None of them are prepared for or interested in a ménage. However, fate has other plans. Can the three lovers, drawn to each other by a power they can’t deny, work together to become a unit? Or will outside forces, both local and distant, be able to tear them apart before they’ve even had a chance to consummate their mating?

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