Sunday, May 26, 2013

Romance Book Review: Crista McHugh's Cat's Eyes

Author: Crista McHugh
ISBN: 978-1-59578-613-5
Genre: Paranormal, Shifter Romance, Werewolf, Cat Shifter
Publisher: Originally Liquid Silver, recently self-published

Andy is a cat shifter who has been fighting with werewolves for a long time. He is in love with his partner Emily, but can't do anything about it for fear that she will wind up dead like his first love. 

When Emily is attacked by werewolves the uneasy peace between the werewolves and other shifter is lost and Andy will do anything to keep her safe. Since the werewolves already have gone after Emily, there is no need for Andy to not tell her how he feels about her any more.

Short story packed with a lot of action. I really like the sexy Brit, Emily and her ever determination to make Andy hers. 

Andy Rodriguez has always desired his partner, Emily Hawkins, but the memory of his former lover’s murder five years ago still haunts him. Em doesn’t know he’s a shape-shifter, and he has no plans to drag her into his world where a war between true shifters and werewolves constantly wages.

All that changes one night when a werewolf attacks Em.

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