Sunday, June 2, 2013

Romance Book Review: Celia Kyle's Fiery Ember

Author: Celia Kyle
ISBN: n/a
Genre: Contemporary romance
Publisher: Amazon

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Fiery Ember is a modern day Cinderella story featuring Ember a young woman who's father left the family business to her evil stepmother. When her step sister doesn't show up for a big meeting with a client, Ember, who only works as an administrative assistant in the firm takes over the meeting in order not to lose the client.

Later the client seeks her out because he is attracted to her. Ember has already decided to leave the firm and get on with her life, but can't help being excited that the client would like to spend some time with her.

I loved the updated fairytale, but would have liked to see it drawn out a little bit with the hero helping her to get rid of the evil stepmother, but all and all a fun little read for the 99 cent price.


Ember Ellason is a darned good secretary. True, she’d like to be more, but since her father’s passing, her stepmother has taken over as CEO of Ellason Advertising, and Clementine Ellason feels Ember is only good enough to fetch coffee… barely. But when Clementine and her horrid daughters fail to show up for the meeting with the biggest client they could ever land, Ember saves the day by impersonating her stepmother. 

Paul Ashe needs a new ad campaign and he’s found the perfect company with the perfect proposal in Ellason Advertising. Too bad his body is a little too interested in the voluptuous CEO with her fiery red hair and blazing green eyes. Then he can’t seem to find the elusive woman after their first intimate tryst, and is left with only a pair of panties to remember her by. 

Will this Cinderella tale end in happily ever after? Or will Ember be separated from her panties—and her prince—for ever more?

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