Sunday, June 2, 2013

Romance Book Review: Julliette Barrymore's Cabin Fever

Author: Julliette Barrymore
ISBN:  978-1-60394-284-3
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: New Concepts Publishing

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I've been spending the weekend going through some of my book files on my laptop and found some that I'm not sure if I ever got a chance to read before. At one time I downloaded books with the intent on reading them and never got around to reading all. For that matter I have boxes of paperbacks I've picked up along the way and haven't had a chance to read them. This is one just like that.

Actually this is a pretty cute fast paced book, featuring a couple of co-workers who have the hots for each other and while on a company trip to a cabin in the woods, the two have a few little mishaps, like the cabin blows up on it when they both happen to be naked, however not with each other and then they have to run from a bear in a snow suit they wind up being in at the same time.

This book can be found on all the major ebook sites like Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


Haley had mixed feeling about the perk the ‘big boss’ offered even before they left for the cabin in the mountains. She was having a really hard time keeping her mind, and her hands, off of her new co-worker---Chase. Could she make it through an entire weekend of extremely close quarters without mixing business with pleasure?

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