Sunday, June 9, 2013

Romance Book Review: Crystal Bowling's Always on the Run

Author: Crystal Bowling
Series Connection: Always a Bridesmaid
ISBN: 978-1481904674
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: CreateSpace

A quirky story with a lot of humor and heart. Jamie's life is not going as planned and for a person who plans everything that is a big deal. Her sister is marrying her ex-boyfriend and her great aunt is trying to set her up with just the right rich guy. It isn't until she meets the so-called final date that her aunt will send her on the the two hatch a plan to stop the blind dates. 

They pretend to date each other and with the contract they scratch out on the restaurant napkin what can go wrong?

Written in the first person as if she is running through what is happen while she tells her friend the story, Crystal Bowling does a fairly good job on this commonly used theme. Worth the quick read and I'm looking forward to checking out the other book in this series, Always the Last To Know.

My sister is marrying my ex-boyfriend.
When is an acceptable time to start day-drinking?

Jamie has tried for years to be in complete control of her life. She has to-do lists, calendars and plans to keep her life running smoothly. The thing is, life isn’t quite going along with her agenda: she was fired from her job as a charter bus driver (for something that was SO not her fault), her ex-boyfriend just popped the question to her older and perfect sister, and her eccentric great aunt keeps fixing her up with stuck-up rich boys. For all the plans she makes, Jamie may come to realize it’s the moments in life that she never saw coming that are the ones to write down.

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