Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Romance Book Review: Bianca D'Arc's Rocky

Author: Bianca D'Arc
Series Connection: Tales of the Were
ISBN: 978-1482706727
Genre: Paranormal, Shifter, Werebear, Magic, Suspense
Publisher: D'Arc

Pregnant and about to give birth, Rocky's first and only love ends up on his doorstep with trouble following her. Years before she choose his best friend instead of him and settle down to a life that didn't include Rocky. Now she's back, her husband dead and about to give birth to twin grizzly bears. 

Maggie didn't want to bring trouble to Rocky's door, but she couldn't hold back the bad guys any more. Now she has gone to the only person she knows can truly protect her, her childhood crush. 

Rocky and the were-Lords have dealt with these bad guys before and he vows nothing will come to harm his new family. 

I had totally missed that a new book in the Tales of the Weres had been out. Actually two, after this one comes Slade and the story of the mysterious Cat shifter mentioned in the other books. Now I'm dying to go back and read the first in the series Lords of the Were, which was one of the first books that I read and got me turned on to the paranormal genre. 

This one in the series won't disappoint especially with too cute little grizzly shifter and a love that has lasted the test of time. 

On the run from her husband's killers, there is only one man who can help her now... her Rock.
Maggie is on the run from those who killed her husband nine months ago. She knows the only one who can help her is Rocco, a grizzly shifter she knew in her youth. She arrives on his doorstep in labor with twins. Magical, shapeshifting, bear cub twins destined to lead the next generation of werecreatures in North America.

Rocky is devastated by the news of his Clan brother's death, but he cannot deny the attraction that has never waned for the small human woman who stole his heart a long time ago. Rocky absented himself from her life when she chose to marry his childhood friend, but the years haven't changed the way he feels for her.

And now there are two young lives to protect. Rocky will do everything in his power to end the threat to the small family and claim them for himself. He knows he is the perfect Alpha to teach the cubs as they grow into their power... if their mother will let him love her as he has always longed to do.

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