Sunday, August 4, 2013

Romance Book Review: Carol Lynne's Building Sandcastles

By: Carol Lynne
Series Connection: Perfect Stranger
ISBN: 9781936387496
Genre: Contemporary Romance, M/M Romance/ LGBT
Publisher: OmniLit / All Romance eBooks, LLC

After being mugged and having a near death experience Leo realizes that while he has all money can buy, he had no one in his life. While in the hospital no one visited him, no one event sent flowers or a card. He decides he needs to get away from New York for a while and rents an RV and sets out on the road. Stopping in a small town in Iowa, Leo meets Tank and the two develop a relationship. 

Tank is instantly attract to Leo, but he needs to convince Leo to stay in Iowa and can't figure out what would keep a man like Leo in a small town with him. Along the way Tank hopes to teach Leo how to build sandcastles.

A lot of story in only a novella format. Strong Tank is almost too good to be true, but his character blends well with Leo's.

After a brush with death, he begins to live...

After a mugging and near death experience, Leo Gorgan realizes the only thing he has in New York City is business contacts. He decides to take a year off and travel the country. When a needed repair on his motorhome lands him in Destiny, Iowa, Leo has no idea the ruggedly handsome man at the hardware store will be able to fix more than his leaky faucet.

William “Tank” Borsoiv loves his life. The farm he owns is enough to feed his soul, but not enough to make ends meet. Working at the hardware store has always bridged the gap financially, but it also allows Tank to interact with the townspeople. When a stranger with dark red hair enters the store, Tank’s body takes notice.

Tank knows Leo has a life in New York he’ll eventually go back to, but he won’t let that stop him from entering into the hottest relationship he’s ever experienced. Loving Leo may come with a price, but Tank will gladly pay the debt.

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