Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Romance Book Review: Mindi Winters' Cajun Vacation

Author: Mindi Winters
Series Connection: Cajun Vacation
Genre: Contemporary Romance Series, Anthology
Publisher: Amazon

Three sisters spend one weekend trip a year together to reconnect only this year New Orleans has something all together different to offer. First meet Erica who weekend with her sisters is interrupted by her selfish boyfriend who she has just caught cheating. Unfortunately her ex is also her boss and if she doesn't deliver on a job assignment the weekend of her vacation with her sisters, she just might lose the job she loves. 

So Erica does the only thing she can, she agrees to meet the camera man for her job assignment and get right back to enjoy the weekend with her sisters. Only things don't go as planned. 

Justin can't stand the city reporters who come out to report about the environment of the New Orleans coast, but its his job to show them around. He's experiencing a drought in the ladies department and decides maybe this time the reporter will do him a favor and help him out with his little problem, but when he meets Erica, he realizes she's more than just someone he wants to spend the night with.

In the second story of the book... readers meet Sara. Sara is a little overweight and she has very little self esteem about her problem thanks to her ex-boyfriends. When she wins a free dinner at an hot restaurant with an equally hot chef and owner she can't get rid of the certificate fast enough. Thinking she can make a deal with the owner, she takes a fast trip to the restaurant and tries to make it so that she doesn't have to have a special dinner by the chef.

Laurent isn't hearing any of it. He'd like to spend as much time with Sara as possible, so he invites her to lunch with plans to keep her forever. 

In the final story, younger sister Alicia has had lots of experience with men and she's more than happy to give advice to her sisters. She's made an art out of seducing and playing with men's feelings. She can't image that there is a man out there that she can't take to bed if she wants to. 

Peter has had a few girl friends in the past couple of years, but he has decided not to have sex with any of them until he feels that he has fallen in love. The minute he sees Alicia he has to work hard not to break the bargain he made with himself. Just how long can he hold out when Alicia brings on the seduction. 

The three stories fit together as if in one entire story, although the first two books can be purchased separately. This is the first story I've read by Mindi Winters. It was also the first time I started rooting for there to be no sex in one of the stories. As you read through the book you'll see what I mean. I just wanted this guy to win so bad. Good writing, with a great location make it a hot summer read. 

New Orleans — the delightful burn of gumbo…the untamed bayou…the beat of jazz in the air…and wicked, wonderful men. When the Canning sisters head for their annual trip together to the city of soul, they have no idea that the men they meet will drive into their hearts and unlock the hidden desires they’ve been longing to have filled.

TAKE ME (Cajun Vacation 1)
Erica can’t understand how her career has gone from soaring to on the brink in less than 36 hours. Now her weekend getaway with her sisters is interrupted with a work assignment that she needs to complete to prove that she’s still a ‘team player’. But her bayou guide sets loose her wild side and Erica needs to decide who she really wants to give her body and soul to.

Content Notice: This book is part 1 of the Cajun Vacation story. It is a stand-alone story. You can buy part 1 now or when it comes out in January as the complete 3-part story.

TOUCH ME (Cajun Vacation 2)
As a successful business consultant, Sara Canning is paid to figure things out. But her shaky self-confidence leads her to always pick the losers in her love life. Now on her annual weekend getaway with her sisters, she's sidetracked by a wickedly handsome, celebrity food judge and restaurateur. Now he’s touched something wild in her that she never knew existed and she must decide to either confront her own doubts or live with them forever.

Content Notice: This book is part 2 of the Cajun Vacation story. It is a stand-alone story. You can buy part 2 now or when it comes out in January as the complete 3-part story.

Heat Level: Lots of sex and emotion.

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