Sunday, August 11, 2013

Romance Book Review: Cat Scofield's Taken By the Pack

Author: Cat Scofield
Series Connection: Taken By the Pack
Genre: Paranormal, Contemporary Romance, Werewolf, Menage, Erotic Romance
Publisher: Cat Scofield/Amazon

Lisa let her curiosity get the better of her and peeks in the window of a club she's been trying to gain admitted to. What she sees is unbelievable, but what is worse is that she's put her life in danger because of it. 

She is saved by a young werewolf named Toby, who she is now in the run with to save her life. Along the way they meet werewolf outcast Warren. The three make their way across the country in hopes of seeing the "Alpha Father" and saving Lisa and her new loves. 

This is a serial romance and while each book can be read separately it is better to pick up a anthology like this one to keep the cost down. There are several more books after this first set of three. Good world building, lots of adventure and lot of sex throughout this series. 

Lisa Bright, a young and curious Los Angeles music journalist, has no idea what she's in for when she tries to sneak into the exclusive underground Club Other. There are creatures inside beyond belief, men with claws and fur and toothy smiles...

It's not long before she's running for her life, splitting out of LA to escape the clutches of the terrifying were Old Pete. Luckily she has protectors - Toby, a gorgeous werewolf with a Southern drawl, and his friend Warren, a lonely artist who split from his pack after a personal tragedy. Together with her two men, Lisa has a chance at a new life and new love... that is, if Old Pete and his cohorts don't catch her first...

TAKEN BY THE PACK COLLECTION #1 is a 26,000 word action-packed omnibus that includes the first three stories in Lisa's journey: Full Moon, Star Kissed, and Midnight Eyes. This collection contains sizzling menage scenes between Lisa and her two werewolf lovers, and is 18+ only.

Also includes a preview of Taken by the Pack #4: Nightfire!

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