Monday, August 12, 2013

Romance Book Review: Jaymie Holland's The Auction

Author: Jaymie Holland
Series Connection: Auction
ISBN: 978-1480247048
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance, BDSM

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Those interested in learning more about BDSM would enjoy this all in one series from author Cheyenne McCray writing as Jaymie Holland. The series features three friends who give themselves as prizes at a charity auction. In order to help raise money for the charity a club who are into Kink decide to add their a few of their members to the mix.

Those who belong to the club, secretly place a circle or triangle charm on their clothing. The dom wearing a triangle can bid on sub wearing circles.

In the three stories each person finds their match and and agrees to spend a weekend exploring their new found relationship. But these couples don't always make it to the weekend before they decide to spend a little time together.

This special limited time edition, at a special price, contains the four novellas from The Auction collection, including "Sold," "Bought," "Claimed," and "Taken." Beautiful women and sexy men find themselves on the auction block at an exclusive charity auction that has some discreet BDSM club participants.

SOLD—Book 1
Christy Clarkson finds herself at an exclusive charity auction where she's agreed to be one of the participants who will be auctioned off and will share a weekend for two at a resort hotel with the high bidder. There is added intrigue when she learns that members of an elite kink club are participating in the auction.

Years ago, she broke up with Zach Nikas when she found his pictures of bound women. She was naive about what his bondage interests meant and she ran from the relationship. Ever since she left him she's explored the kink only to discover that it intrigued her, though she never actually participated.

When Zach shows up at the auction as a bidder, Christy is exhilarated to see him. No one else stands a chance of winning her over Zach.

Her curiosity about kink is about to become experience.

He's hot and sexy, intelligent and successful, and just happens to have a well-outfitted dungeon. A dungeon where Christy learns what Zach and "play" are all about.

Roni McAllister is being put up for sale to the highest bidder at a charity auction that has some discreet BDSM club participants. She's excited at the prospect of being bought by a hot Dom.
But when John Taylor purchases her, she gets more than she expected with one tall, dark, sexy, and mysterious man. When she tells him that she loves fear, he is more than willing to give her what she wants and more.

Rope bondage and sensory deprivation are just two of the many ways he shows her who's the Dom and whose the sub. Her nights with John are filled with erotic encounters.
However, even as her new relationship develops, something sinister is going on. Women fitting 

Roni's description are being murdered and Roni finds out things about John that send her into a panic. Could the killer be the man she thought was the man of her dreams? Find out in this 24,000 word erotic suspense.

How do you dominate one of the toughest men in the world?

You don't.

Navy SEAL Rick Pierce is donating his time to be auctioned off at an exclusive charity auction as a favor to his sister. What he doesn't realize is that a kink club has infiltrated the auction and he's about to get an introduction to kink that he will never forget.

Leslie Adams loves to control and tie up strong, powerful men and thinks that to tie up a SEAL would be the ultimate high. She purchases Rick at the auction for a weekend in Cabo.

Despite her efforts, she soon learns there's no tying down a SEAL. She finds she's the one in knots and he's the one with all of the control.

TAKEN—Book 4
Kelley Bachman is ready for a little fun away from her demanding life. For once she would like someone else to make decisions for her. She's always been a strong woman but right now she has a secret fantasy to turn over control to a dominant man for a weekend.

Kelley agrees to be auctioned off in an exclusive charity auction. The fact that discreet BDSM players from an elite kink club are participating makes it all the more exciting to her. When she sees a man she lost contact with, and finds out they have similar interests in kink, it's almost too good to be true.

Nate Davis is more creative than she could have imagined as he shows her things she would never have dreamed of, including what plastic wrap can be used for.

Nate was infatuated by Kelley the first time he met her. Little did he know, her desires for BDSM matched his own. Now he is more than intrigued. Now he wants to take her places she never thought she would go.

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