Sunday, August 18, 2013

Romance Book Review: Celia Kyle's He Ain't Lion

Author: Celia Kyle
Series Connection: Ridgeville Series 
Genre: Shifter Romance, Paranormal Romance, Erotic Romance
Publisher: Summerhouse Publishing

After a rough breakup BBW beauty Maya decides to go out and have a good time. Unknown to her, Maya's friend plays a trick on her and sends her to a shifter only club that is hosting their annual festival. The invite is only given out to human who know the rules and are dedicated to the  werelions and their quest to keep their species going.

When Maya gets to the club she meets the club owner and Prime for the werelions and quickly finds the mutual attraction leads to a lot more than just the one-night stand she was after. 

Werelion Prime Alex can't help himself, Maya is his true mate and he's going to keep her. 

Very quick sex read. Alex is a strong, arrogant leader, but you can't help but like him, even though he totally screw up. Maya has a few problems with self image, but learns that there is someone for everyone. Good story, just a little short. Would have liked to have seen more world building in the story. 

Life sucks... And then you get turned into a werelion...

Curvaceous, blonde bombshell Maya Josephs is looking for a little action to take her mind off of her recent break-up. Crazy werecats or not, an evening at Genesis is exactly what she needs. And when she meets the hotter than hot, super-sexy owner, Alex O'Connell, the alpha lion shifter is just the man to fit the bill for a one-night stand.

Dumped like a rotting piece of meat by her ex, Maya is on the prowl, fixin' to do whatever it takes to get herself a piece of the gorgeous furball. Besides, what's the harm in a girl having a little bit of fun?

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