Friday, August 9, 2013

Romance Book Review: J.S. Scott's Mate of the Werewolf

Author: J.S. Scott
Series Connection: Changeling Encounters
Genre: Erotic Romance, Paranormal, Werewolf
Publisher: Scott Publishing

Free Friday book features a short story of a werewolf that finally meets his mate after 300 years. After seeing Grace at a social fundraiser, Noah pulls her into the bathroom to have his way with her. Not understanding what exactly is going on, and just learning that werewolves and mates exist, Grace doesn't immediately fall at Noah feet. 

Noah gives Grace and ultimatum letting her know that if she doesn't mate with him, he will cut her funding. Never one to be backed in a corner, Grace just can't go along with it. Can Noah salvage a relationship with Grace before he loses her forever?

Quick and dirty gets the job done in this very short story. Great dialog and hot, hot sexy scenes complete this story. If your just looking for a steamy romance to read during your lunch hour this one fits the bill. 

Grace Marin was a veterinarian with a mission. She needed to raise and keep enough funds for her wildlife sanctuary. When she meets her biggest donor at a fundraiser...her world is turned upside down. After a passionate and wild encounter in a bathroom...he drops a bomb. He's a wolf changeling and she is his mate. Unless she agrees to his terms and mates with him...he will pull her funding. The proof of his claim becomes indisputable, but Grace is torn. She is drawn to him...but can't give in to his blackmail. He's a dominating alpha with an attitude and she's a stubborn woman. But her wildlife refuge means everything to her. Can these two destined mates negotiate terms that will satisfy them both? 

18+ Only. This is a short romantic erotica with very explicit sex, graphic sex, graphic language, rough sex, spanking and other subjects for mature audiences only.

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