Sunday, September 15, 2013

Romance Book Review: Jessica Sims' Single Wolf Female

Author: Jessica Sims
Series Connection: Midnight Liaisons

ISBN: 9781301633951
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Jill Myles

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Alice has a problem. She's a female alpha of her pack and now the only alpha of her pack now that her brother, the alpha male has died in a car accident. In a couple of days it will be the full moon and she will do anything not to have her pack taken over by Roscoe, another local alpha. She do anything, even if it means going to a shifter dating service and picking up a stranger alpha to help run her small pack. 

After going through the uncomfortable application period and looking through a list of wolves who have signed up, she finally gets to the end of the list and finds at least one alpha male. 

Jackson is a laid back alpha looking for a place where he and his one other pack member can land. When he gets the call from Alice, he's there in a heartbeat and ready to protect her and her small pack.

I loved Jackson and his quiet ways. Most alphas are hard and domineering. Jackson can be hard and possessive if he needs to, but his softer side is great. The story was great, but a little more passion in the love scenes wouldn't have been remiss in this case. 


Alice Savage needs an alpha – any alpha – to prevent her pack from being usurped by the lecherous Roscoe. As a last resort, she signs up for the  Midnight Liaisons dating service, never expecting that she’d find the alpha she seeks. She certainly didn’t expect Jackson Wilder, a laid back, sexy-as-sin outsider who claims to be an alpha.

But Alice has a problem that most female wolf alphas don’t — she’s a virgin. And the female alpha of a wolf pack always belongs to a male alpha. Luckily for her, Jackson’s utterly gorgeous and willing to take things slow. But is he alpha enough to help her save her pack…or is he too easy-going to be the man she needs?

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