Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Romance Book Review: Tara Mills' If You Want Me

Author: Tara Mills
ISBN:  978-0-9876852-7-8
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance
Publisher: Crimson Frost Books

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On the eve of her friend's wedding, Naomi has a bit too much to drink and decides to proposition one of the groomsmen. Years before Ryan was the best friend of her ex-boyfriend. When she saw him again and noticed his reaction to her, in her drunken stupper she decided to give him a call. 

Ryan couldn't believe it when Naomi called him and couldn't resist taking her up on her offer. When Naomi was with his best friend years before, he was upset that his friend had asked her out before he could. That friendship was long over, but he never forgot Naomi.

Things don't go well the night before the wedding and now Naomi has to meet Ryan the next day.

Very short story that rushes a bit through the story. 

An irresistible woman. An undeniable proposal.

Even the unthinkable can sound reasonable when you mix alcohol, sexual frustration, and a bachelorette party—especially a bold proposition. Now in the light of day, Naomi’s hung over, horrified, and anxious about facing this complicated man again and the unexplored feelings their encounter brought with it.

She called, he came, but Ryan didn't exactly conquer. Is it too much to hope that Naomi will give him a do-over? She can’t avoid him, not when he’s walking her down the aisle. But who ever heard of a bridesmaid getting cold feet? 

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