Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Romance Book Review: Eliza Gayle's Bad Kitty

Author: Eliza Gayle
Series Connection: Southern Shifters
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Shapeshifter, Action/Adventure
Publisher: Gypsy Ink Books

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Kitty is have a really bad day. She's been kicked out of her clan, lost what was left of her family, and sent to place where she knows no one. She should be safe, but her day keeps getting worse when she is forced to defend herself against a group of she-cats who doesn't believe she has gotten all she deserves after she is sent into exile. She runs off and even though she's poisoned and half dead she somehow makes it into wolf territory. Unfortunately that is like going from the frying pan to the fire and she meets up with a group of male wolves who now think of her as their possession because she's on their land. Hence her really, really bad day. 

Luckily she is rescued just in time by Rafe the future alpha of the wolf pack. He helps her to get better and they both soon realize that they are mates. That should be a good news and a turn around in her life, but there is still the problem with that other wolf who thinks she belongs to him and no matter what she's still "Bad Kitty" and she doesn't want to get in the way of Rafe's future as alpha.

The author says this is a stand alone book and I think it can be read that way, but for me there just wasn't enough explanation as to why she was exiled for something her father did, especially when in the end she saved a child. That didn't seem to make up for much considering no one, especially not even the she-cats seemed to know about it. So maybe it would be best to read the previous books about Kane and Malcolm where she is mentioned in the books. 

Otherwise I loved the book. Kitty has a sharp tongue and whit. She isn't ready to back down to anyone. After all she's been through she needs to be a tough as she is. I'm a little disappointed with the wolves however. Rafe seems to be a great guy, but really just because this hurt girl, obviously on the run for her life, stumbles onto their land she is theirs to do whatever they want to? Really? And that is their law? Well I'll let you decide about that. 

If you think you’ve lost everything. Think again.Kitty lost her father, her home and her clan. Clinging to what’s left of her pride, she’s forced into the neutral zone, the supposed safe haven for half-breeds and outcasts. An attack forces her to the wrong side of the treaty line and into an even more dangerous situation. Determined to greet death with the last of her dignity, she is suddenly rescued by a tall, gorgeous…wolf???

As the next alpha leader of his pack, Rafe Comyn has more than enough to handle with pack politics and precarious treaties. The last thing he needs is a pissed off feline landing in his lap, especially when her scent triggers his overwhelming drive to mate. While the daughter of a former rival is quite a conquest, she’s both forbidden and dangerous.

But as the heat of desire threatens to consume them, their differences escalate and Rafe must keep his own pack from killing the one woman he can’t live without.

*PLEASE NOTE – While Bad Kitty is a stand alone story, she has made brief but interesting appearances in both Kane and Malcolm.

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