Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Romance Book Review: Mima's Alpha Within

Author: Mima
Series Connection: A Bonded Fantasy
ISBN: 9781595784025
Genre: Paranormal, Erotic Romance, Shifter, Werecat, Sci-Fi
Publisher: Liquid Silver

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In this world of shifter, magic and shifter, Dar's clan has a problem. Either he finds a way to help them give birth to new kits or his kind will become extinct. After searching for two years he finally finds his answer--Luna.

Luna has lived many lives. She runs from those who call her type of magic dark, but that doesn't stop her from helping as many people as she can achieve their dream to have children. A midwife by trade, she works behind the shadows to help when she can.

When Dar finds her she is about to be caught by those that don't believe in her work. He offers her an alternative--go with him and help his people and be safe or stay and face those that are against her. She senses that no matter what she chooses she doesn't really have a choice at all, so she goes. She quickly learns that Dar's people really need her and helps as best she can.

Dar falls in love with Luna, but ultimately he know that he can't have her. Other clans will want her help once she has finished with his clan and he wants children, while she doesn't. Luna doesn't want to give up that easily can she convince Dar to take a chance?

I was a little disappointed that there wasn't more world building in this story. It sounded like there was room to tell a much broader story. This is a series, this book originally came out in 2008 and starting from the beginning might be wise to piece together the whole story. As usual with Mima's style this book is steaming hot. That alone makes the book worth while to read for those who like erotic romance. There is a little male on male sex scene toward the end of the book, but not as graphic as some.


Luna was the answer to Dar's prayers. Her fertility skills would save his Clan. That she was his mate was something that only made her claiming that much more perfect. Powerful and beautiful, her body sang for him. But he rushed her. He offered all of himself, baring his soul, and she stood in silence. Unable to comprehend the rejection, everything fell apart. 

Dar accepted Luna's magic, even knowing her past actions damned her as darkmage. He could take her from calm to orgasm with a twist of his bossy fingers. She trusted him, a leader of powerful warriors. But he rushed her. A man like him couldn't comprehend how very alone she'd been, for so very long. He offered her something so precious and rare, she didn't recognize it for what it was until it was too late. 

They're two wounded souls, but perfect for each other. One so tired of carrying the burden of a dying Clan. One so tired of hiding and running. Now they have to face the pain neither meant to deal to the other. Shame and guilt are heavy bedfellows. Enemies within the Clan and without gather to nip at them. Dar's Snowcat only understands that their mate is unclaimed. Somehow, Luna has to overcome her fear of her man's other nature. Because if she's going to take her place at his side, she has to master the Alpha Within.

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