Monday, October 21, 2013

Romance Book Review: Martha O'Sullivan's Chance Encounter

Author: Martha O'Sullivan
ISBN: 9781603108348
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Red Sage

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On her way to the wedding of her college roommate and a business meeting in San Francisco, Delaney meets the captain of the plane, Mike, she's on from Chicago. The handsome pilot helps her off the plane with her luggage and that is the end of that, or so Delaney thinks, until she meets him again at her friend's wedding. 

Mike takes one look at the pretty passenger in first class and falls instantly in lust. The woman is beautiful and he has every intention of seeing her again. He just didn't expect it to be in Lake Tahoe the next night at his best friend's wedding. Spending the week with Delaney he fall instantly in love. Delaney has been hurt before, being left at the alter will do that to a woman. Now Mike has to convince her that they should have a life together even though they live 2,000 miles away. 

There is just one little snag though, someone in Delaney's past is watching and he might just have something else planned for the lovers before they can have their happily ever after. 

This book is much better than the first in the series. I liked both Delaney and Mike, even though I felt she could have been a little stronger. While the storyline is great and I like the two characters, the ending of the book gets a little muddled so I feel obligated to know off a point for that. Still I feel this series has merit and can't wait to read the next in the series. 

Delaney Richards had given up on love. The long hours at the office were finally paying off—she could all but feel the vice-presidency in her bones. She was counting on this week in San Francisco to seal the deal. But first she had to get through the weekend and the wedding—the first since her own wedding. Almost wedding, that is. You can’t have a wedding without a groom.

 Captain Mike Savoy hadn’t counted on seeing Delaney Richards at his best friend’s wedding, let alone find himself falling in love with her.  Now he has to convince her that the feeling is mutual—and permanent. But it’s more complicated than that. A past Delaney didn’t know she had is catching up with her.  And the only way Mike can ensure their future together is to send her away.

And when blackmail turns to ransom, Mike is the only one who can save her. If only he can get to her in time, he can explain everything…

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