Friday, February 21, 2014

Romance Book Review: Constance Bretes' Delayed Justice

Author: Constance Bretes
Digital ISBN: 9781940744087
Genre: Romantic Suspense, Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Beachwalk Press

Purchase Link: Beachwalk Press

For five years Sami has lived under the cloud of accusation. She was in the wrong place at the wrong time but the town just can't believe in her innocence. So she hides herself away in a cabin in the mountains, goes out of her way to do her shopping and goes to the post office at midnight to pick up her mail just to avoid the town members. When the man who actually commits the crime is arrested and getting ready to stand trail, the sheriff needs her help to convict him, but the people are still suspicious.

Sheriff Makeeta Robertson needs his ex-lovers, Sami's, help to put away the man who bombed the pharmacy his fiance was in and killed her. At one time he accused Sami of the crime and he knows she is weary of him, but now he can't win his case without her. He also needs Sami's help in forgiving him for ever doubting her innocence in the first place, because now he realizes that she's his soul mate and he needs her personally as well.

The only problem is Sami is finding it hard to forgive him and she has a secret of her own that could tear them apart. Can they find it in themselves to help each other heal. 

Delayed Justice has a great concept and good set of characters, but what it was sorely missing was any background story, description of elements of the story and the characters. It took me a little to get passed the stilted dialog, but as the story progressed it seemed the author became more confident with her storyline and I actually began to get into the story more. 

This book is worth the read for those who like court room drama stories and those interested in cultural references in their romance. 

Can two former lovers set aside their differences and work together to bring a criminal to justice?
Five years ago, Sami Parker's life was changed forever when she was injured in a bombing incident which left another young woman dead—a woman who happened to be the fiancée of Sheriff Makeeta Robertson, Sami's former lover. Initially, Sami was a suspect in the crime, but the sheriff was forced to release her due to a lack of evidence. The town, convinced that she got away with murder, turned against her.

At last an arrest has been made and the sheriff needs Sami's help to get a conviction, but can she trust him? Although wary and cautious, she wants to see this man brought to justice and wants to clear her own name once and for all. But the awakening feelings she has for Makeeta bring yet another problem. Then there's the secret she's kept for the last five years—one she may not be able to keep any longer, and one that may change the outcome of the trial.

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