Thursday, February 20, 2014

Romance Book Review: Ella Jade's A Love Stolen

Author: Ella Jade
Series Connection: The Steeple Town Series
Digital ISBN: 9781940744100
Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Beachwalk Press

Purchase Link: Beachwalk Press

Lila has returned home to bury her father and reconnect with her friends. She left six years ago when the love of her life betrayed her and broke her heart. The last thing she wants to do is see Trevor again, but in a small town it is hard to not run into the Sheriff. 

Trevor has never stopped loving Lila and now that he is divorced he can see no better future for him then getting Lila back in his life, but he knows that is going to take a lot of work. Can 

Can Trevor convince Lila that they can have a shot at the love that was stolen from them so many years ago, or will he have to watch her leave his life once again. 

This is the first book in the Steeple Town series, which was previous published by the author. This book is an fairly good start for this series with good story premise, a worthy hero and heroine who are just human enough to both many mistakes that caused the rift in their earlier relationship. I would give it high scores for writing and love scenes, but I wish that Trevor had to work a little harder to get Lila back and that there was a current conflict that would have push their relationship a little more. 

Can time forgive the mistakes of the past?

After a six year absence, Lila Crofton has returned to her hometown of Steeple to bury her father. Hopefully she can avoid Trevor Matheson, her ex-boyfriend, long enough to take care of her business and get back to the city. With everything she's dealing with the last thing she needs is to run into the man who betrayed her and broke her heart.

Recently divorced Sheriff Trevor Matheson is picking up the pieces of his life. When his high school sweetheart, Lila, returns to Steeple, Trevor sees it as a sign. He's getting over a failed marriage and she's grieving the loss of her dad. They need one another. The timing couldn't be more perfect. But can they move past the events that tore them apart six years ago?

Is there a second chance in their future, or is their stolen love gone forever?

Content Warning: contains graphic sex and strong language
Note: This book has been previously published.

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