Sunday, May 11, 2014

Romance Book Review: Imogene Nix's War's End

Author: Imogene Nix
Series Connection: The Reunion Trilogy
Digital ISBN: 9781940744124
Genre(s): Science Fiction, Futuristic Romance
Publisher: Beachwalk Press, Inc

Purchase Link: Beachwalk Press

Set on another planet five years after a interplanetary war, Selina is forced to abide by the new rules set against her because she fought on the losing side of the wars. Now a freighter pilot, Selina is sent to pick up a load on a Federation planet. While there she runs into a spot of trouble and a man she helped saved and fell in love with during the war. The only problem was he was on the other side.

Renjiro is a security commander. When he sees Selina name on a roaster of pilots stopping at the port he is assigned to, he isn't sure if it her. Searching for her, he is alerted that Selina has been arrested. He must figure out how to save her from her current trouble and keep her with him for good.

Good story building and characters in this first of three books. I'm interested in seeing where the author is going to take the rest of the story. My only complaint is that the story runs short and rather than showing some aspects of the conclusion, simply just glosses over them.

Forced apart by war five years ago, Renjiro and Selina have another chance at love. Can they make it work or does fate have other plans?

Without the citizenship of the Federation, Indy pilot Selina Codecko is treated like a second-class citizen. When she gets caught up in a bar brawl she's arrested and finds herself in the hands of the Justice Officers.

Renjiro Ito has dreamed of Selina for five long years. As the Commander of the Justice Officers, the plight of this one woman will turn his life upside down.

But there's more going on than just the fate of one woman—there's a seething underbelly that wants to destroy their newly expanded Federation. The chances of a future together are slim, but they'll take any chances that come their way. Will it be enough?

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