Friday, May 16, 2014

Romance Book Review: Liliana Rhodes' Charming The Alpha

Author: Liliana Rhodes
Series Connection: The Crane Curse
Genre: Paranormal, Witches, Romance
Publisher: Jaded Speck Publishing

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Each full moon Hannah Crane visits her grandmother deep in the woods where she meets a wolf, but this isn't the story of Little Red Riding Hood, even if there is a hooded cape involved in the story. Hannah is a witch and her grandmother, Pea, died sometime back, but with the help of a witches rock circle and Hannah special powers can bring Pea back to speak with her on the night of the full moon.

When Pea was still alive she kept telling Hannah she had to cut her hair, never explaining why. On this night in the woods, Pea is more worried then ever about Hannah's long hair especially because of what she sees in the woods behind Hannah.

Talk about town is that there are werewolves and shifters all over the area, but Hannah never listened to rumors, now she's about to find out she should have paid attention before. 

Caleb Overstreet is the alpha of his pack and worried because several members of his pack have turned up missing lately. Patrolling the woods at night, he meets Hannah in the woods. He falls instantly under her spell, but Hannah didn't put a spell over him and the woods are dangerous at night. Determined to forget the beautiful witch in the woods, Caleb continues his patrols. 

Keeping Hannah out of his thoughts is harder than he realized and now he has to protect her any way he can because someone else is interested in Hannah as well. 

Good start to a three book series featuring an interesting couple and storyline that I haven't read a hundred times before. I like the family history angle to the story. My only complaint is the leads didn't spend enough time together to really get a sense if they would be good together or not. 

Hannah Crane just graduated college, lives at home with her mom, and has no idea what to do with her life. One night while visiting her grandmother, she’s startled by a wolf and everything changes.

In the forest investigating a recent rash of murders and missing shifters, werewolf Alpha Caleb Overstreet doesn’t expect to run into a human, let alone a witch. Especially not one whose scent tells him she is his other half…or is she?

As the secrets of her ancestry are revealed, Caleb and Hannah are unable to stay away from each other and Hannah finds herself in danger. A rival pack believes her to be at the center of a curse that would enable them to control other shifters. But is Hannah the wolf charmer they believe her to be? Or is she really Caleb’s fated mate?

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