Saturday, June 14, 2014

Romance Book Review: Celia Kyle's Lion's Honor

Author: Celia Kyle
Series Connection: Ridgeville Series
ISBN: 9781311793706
Genre: Paranormal, Shifter Romance, Werelion Romance, BBW Romance
Publisher: Summerhouse Publishing

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Since she was 16 years old, Grayson, second in command of the Ridgeville Pride, suspected that Honor was his mate, but he knew that he had to let her go and finish college before he could claim her. He let's her go even though he doesn't want to.

Honor decides to leave the pride to go to London to attend Cambridge University. Since werelioness' don't reach their first heat until 22 she hopes that she will be home before it happens. Unfortunately, everything goes wrong in London and she is forced to come home battered and beaten. She knows that Grayson will be there for her, but will he still want her after what happened? 

Grayson isn't the only one who is interested in claiming Honor though, can Grayson protect her and keep his one true mate to himself?

This appears to be the ninth and final book in the Ridgeville Series. This book picks up four or so years after book eight in the series. Honor's story finds another werelioness in peril with the pack rallying to help keep a member of the pack safe from an evil disturbed rogue werelion. 

The nearly 80,000 word novel is well written offering a look at a strong alpha female who has been tortured and finding it hard to face those she loves with what she believes as her own shame. She fears her destined mate can't understand her reluctance to mate after all she has been through. Grayson is a strong alpha who plays a strong sensitive role and who works hard to protect his mate. His character is well developed and well written. There are excellent supporting characters in the entire series. I like the way the author handled this story much better than she did in the last book in the series. 

Sometimes the Queen of the Jungle needs to lean on her King. Okay, she’s really not the queen and he’s totally not the king, but damn it, they need each other.

Four years ago, werelioness Honor Mauer walked away from Ridgeville and hopped on a plane bound for London. She had college dreams and none of them included her pesky maybe-mate Grayson. (Even if he is the hottest thing to ever walk on two legs—and four.)

All is fantastically furry in London until she goes through her first heat. Then her world collapses, her bright, obnoxious eyes dim, and she runs home with her tail tucked between her legs. Too bad the London werelion who sent her scurrying home decides to show up just as she’s feeling a little less psychotic. Bastard.

Werelion Grayson got his curvy, luscious mate back on U.S. soil and he refuses to let her go. He knows there’s a lot of emotional work to do, but he didn’t become Ridgeville’s Second by turning belly up at the first sign of trouble. She’s his. The quicker she realizes that—and opens her heart to healing—the better. He’s got a plan for a life filled with love, laughter, and cubs and it sorta requires her cooperation.

Just when he thinks her recovery is around the corner, the male who’d hurt Honor shows up in Ridgeville. Which is a good thing, really, since it gives Grayson a chance to kill him. It’s like Christmas in July.

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  1. I love this book but do I feel bad knowing Cambridge University is not in London, but in Cambridge. A different city two hours away from London.


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