Sunday, June 15, 2014

Romance Book Review: Maddy Barone's Wolf's Vengeance

Author: Maddy Barone
Series Connection: After the Crash
ISBN: 978-1-62210-108-5
Genre: Paranormal Romance, BBW Romance, Sci-Fi Romance, Werewolf/Shifter Romance
Publisher: Liquid Silver

Purchase Link: Amazon 

In Maddy Barone's After the Crash series book six, she takes readers to where she left off after book five at the ranch of the Dirk family where wolf shifter, Snake Wolfe, has agreed to help his new mate, Melissa and her brothers find their mother who was kidnapped 11 years before.

Melissa isn't so sure about her new mate. She agreed to marry him after he rescued her from former brothers-in-law who, after winning her in a bride fight, wanted to rape and murder her because she killed their brother.

Now home Maddy only hopes to see her mother again. As she gets to know Snake, she has to deal with living with being a woman in a society mostly composed of men and the repercussions of her past.

Snake Wolfe has finally found his mate and will do anything to keep her happy and safe. With the help of his cousin, Stone, he sets out to find Melissa's mother so that he can take his mate back home to the pack with him where he can keep her safe from harm.

Melissa is one of the strongest female characters that readers have seen in this series. She's been through hell and back with the best intentions of keeping her mother safe. I like this sci-fi series and the world that the author has created in a way to bring both a post-apocalyptic future and paranormal shifter genres together with imaginative descriptions of what the new world would look like.


In a post-apocalyptic future, a woman desperate to save her mother marries the werewolf who promises to help her. Wolf’s Vengeance takes you once again into the dangerous and passion-filled world created by Maddy Barone in her amazing romance series, After the Crash. 

In a future world where modern technology is unknown and women are rare, werewolf Snake Wolfe claimed Melissa Dirk as his mate the moment he laid eyes on her. All he wants is her love for him to match his for her. Mel will do anything to save her stolen mother, even marry the fierce werewolf who promises to help with the rescue. Love? Well … maybe she’ll love him someday. 

When trouble from Mel’s past threatens her very life, Snake swears anyone who wants to hurt her will have to go through him, and he will avenge every insult dealt her. Can love be born in blood? Or will Snake have to settle for merely his wife’s gratitude? 

Content Notes: Spicy, Paranormal, Shifters, Wolves, Science Fiction, Time Travel, Post Apocalyptic 

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