Thursday, June 5, 2014

Romance Book Review: Theresa Stillwagon's A Betrayal of Friendship

Author: Theresa Stillwagon 
Digital ISBN: 9781940744223
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Beachwalk Press

Purchase Link: Beachwalk Press

Charlie McIntire is working to move on with her life since her ex-boyfriend committed suicide and her best friend blamed her and left without saying goodbye. Working flying planes in Alaska two years later Charlie can't believe it when her former best friend comes back to town. Charlie doesn't want to deal with him, but can she stay away from the man she's been attracted to for years. 

Mace Hamilton comes back to town after two years to figure out what happened to his brother. Spending time with Charlie might not be a good idea because ever since she began dating his brother he realized how much he truly wants her. Mace needs to decide if he believes all the rumors about what she's done of if there is another story.

A lot of hurt feelings on both sides make up this story is portrayed in this relatively quick read. Okay story slow moving story. 

Sometimes friendship is enough to get over betrayal—sometimes it's not.

Charlene McIntire and Mason Hamilton used to be the best of friends. But when she began dating his younger brother, Mace started to change. It almost seemed like he was jealous, but that wasn't possible, because he never saw her as anything other than a friend.

Tragedy struck when Mace's brother, Charlie's boyfriend, unexpectedly committed suicide. Everyone believed it was Charlie's fault—even Mace. After the funeral, he left town without a word.

Now, two years later, Mace has returned. And Charlie doesn't like it one bit. She's gotten her life together, focusing her attention on the career she loves—flying planes in the rugged state of Alaska. The last thing she needs in her life right now is a pain-in-the-butt, hardheaded man—a man who still holds her responsible for his brother's death.

But wanting him? That's an entirely different story. Despite everything that's happened, there is no denying the sparks between them.

Content Warning: contains graphic sex and strong language
Note: This book has been previously published.

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