Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Romance Book Review: Celia Kyle's Big Furry Deal

Author: Celia Kyle
Series Connection: Ridgeville
ISBN: 9781311813817
Genre: Paranormal, Shifter, Suspense, BBW Romance
Publisher: Summerhouse Publishing

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This is the continuation of the Ridgeville pride series. Cat shifters, Walt (lion shifter) and Millie (panther shifter), two lost souls find themselves to be mates, but neither know if they would make good mates at this time because both have haunting pasts. 

Millie is a member of the group of shifters that was kept prisoner by McAllister who was killed in one of the previous books. Millie has a little more of a problem then just being abused by McAllister, she has a sensitive power that is so angry that any man who comes near attacks first and asks questions later. The only man who has yet to be attacked by the power is the man Millie realizes is her mate. 

Walt lives with the knowledge everyday that his mother believed him to be a demon and not someone that anyone would want to love. He isn't sure that Millie will even find him worth the effort of mating. 

When the two start to explore mating, Walt realizes that he can help Millie control her sensitive power, but attacks on Millie's life is bringing out her sensitive's anger and putting everyone in danger. 

This is a good story addition of the Ridgeville series. As always I like the Pride Prima, Maya's sense of human and the way she works to help her pride members, both Walt and Millie make good additions to the series. I like the suspense storyline wondering who could be committing the attacks and Millie's protective cat. The only problem I had was they way the author handled the submission angle of her book. I don't like using violent dominating tactics on previously abused.  

Panther shifter Millie Walker is finally free, finally knows her real name, and finally… has a mate? Well, crap.

For Millie, having a mate is a horrible, no good, he’ll end up very dead, bad idea. She’s got what some refer to as a “control problem.” In other words: she has no control and that’s her problem. So, she stays away from others, keeps to herself, and generally tries not to kill people. Except the pride Prima—Maya—has this “awesomesauce” idea and suddenly Millie’s at a pride picnic surrounded by people… and then she meets her mate. Her tall, delicious, please-may-I-lick-you-from-head-to-toe mate. Now she prays her powers don’t suddenly decide Wyatt is better off six feet under.

Lion shifter Wyatt Dane knows he’s not the kind of man who takes a mate. His own mother proved he wasn’t worth loving. But then he meets Millie. Millie with her fiery hair, generous curves, and dangerous powers. He tries to resist her, forces himself to reject her, but then she returns and he realizes he can’t let her go. Her powers will just have to figure out how to deal with his presence. He’s keeping her. Period.

But someone from her past didn’t get the “she’s mated” memo and he’s determined to have her, no matter the cost.

Warning: Big Furry Deal contains kick ass violence, some potentially trigger content (what do we expect from the bad guy), and copious hilarity. Be prepared for laughing, crying, and cringing. As always, curvy women rock, boys drool-girls rule, and your mileage may vary.

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