Saturday, January 3, 2015

Romance Book Review: Hazel Gower's Winning Her Love

Author: Hazel Gower
Series Connection: Douglas Family (First book)
ISBN: 9781940744575
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Publisher: Beachwalk Press

Purchase Link: Beachwalk

Rugby player Chad Douglas has had a thing for Lana Cage since she was too young for him to even consider. When she turned 18 the two had a night that he couldn't forget, but the next morning Lana disappeared and moved to England to live with her mother. Gone for three years Lana comes home with a baby girl, but Chad isn't deterred, he has waited for her to come home and now that she's here nothing is going to stop him. 

Lana brings her baby girl home to Australia to live after spending the past several years living in England with her family. Her daughter has started asking who her daddy is, but Lana can't remember. She knows that the child was conceived at a part at her best friend's brother's housewarming party a week before she left for England. So embarrassed by her behavior that night she has avoided seeing Chad and his sister since she left, but now she can't avoid it any longer. 

On the cusp of a new budding relationship the mystery to Lana's baby's father is revealed and to every one's surprise. Can they all live with the revelation?

This is the first non-paranormal book by Hazel Gower that I've read and she doesn't disappoint. Despite the celebrity rugby player and the woman who can't remember after drinking too much the characters are interesting and real. The little girl plays for some good comic relief. 

It looks like this will be a start of a new series although the author doesn't series connect this story on the cover.  

Can love survive when surprises are revealed? 

Chad Douglas has been in love with his younger sister's best friend for years, but he's kept his distance—their age difference, his rising rugby career, and uncertainty standing in his way. However, a drunken night together allows Chad to believe that maybe there is a chance, only for everything to come crumbling down when he wakes to find Lana gone. 

After living in England for the past three years, Lana Cage moves back home to Australia. The night before she left Australia for England is a blank memory, but on her arrival home, the consequences end up being a surprise for both her and Chad. 

Desperate for another chance at love, can Chad and Lana have their happily ever after once the surprise is revealed? Or will trust be lost and their lives forever changed? 

Content Warning: this book contains one tough rugby player who knows exactly what he wants and is determined to get it.

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