Monday, January 5, 2015

Romance Book Review: Riley Murphy's A Perfect Holiday

Author: Riley Murphy
ISBN: 978-1493585946
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Holiday Romance
Publisher: Riley Murphy

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Sidney has always worked to be the good girl her rich parents expect. Just once she'd like to be the bad girl. She gets the chance when she gets the opportunity to spend some quality time with her sexy neighbor.

Forced to take some R&R for a weekend, Riker finds the perfect distraction and a chance to spend time with his cute neighbor Sidney, but soon it turns into more.

Can Sidney move away from being the perfect daughter to spend the perfect holiday and the perfect future with Riker?

Cute holiday story about well developed characters and a hot sexy romance.

What do you get when a good girl looking to bad is left alone at Christmas with a jaded bad boy looking to be good? A Perfect holiday. 

It’s not a matter of what could go wrong when a kindergarten teacher who’s tired of living vicariously through her porn collection is virtually stranded for the weekend with Mr. Sex-on-a-stick. It’s more a question of what could go right. 

Sidney Capp is tired of denying her natural desires to be the quintessential good girl her parents expect her to be. So when the holidays arrive, and she’s free of her folks breathing down her neck for the weekend? She’s drunk with power. Probably why when the opportunity to be a little bad presents itself, she doesn’t hesitate, but dives all over him. 

Riker Mitchell thinks being forced into some much needed R&R for a few days is going to kill him until he inadvertently discovers his sexy but shy neighbor is secretly into watching porn on the weekends. Apparently, he isn’t the only one with erotic ideas on the brain. Little does he know, the hottie in two B is determined to turn her sizzling dreams into a sensual reality. On a regular day, with a regular girl, he would have been the first to sign up, but with this little innocent? No matter how tempting it might be, he’s not going to take advantage of her…unless she can persuade him to do the wrong thing.

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