Sunday, May 3, 2015

Romance Book Review: Georgette St. Clair's The Alpha Won't Be Denied

Author: Georgette St. Clair
Series Connection: Timber Valley Pack Book 6

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Shifter Romance, Werewolf Romance, Erotic Romance
Publisher: by author

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Virginia has had it with her family filled with alphas. She can't get a moments peace to even go on a date. But it isn't only her alpha family she has to worry about it is also another alpha that has taken a liking to her. 

Virginia met Carver when she was worried to death about her cousin who was taken hostage by a neighboring back. Since then Carver has moved to Timber Valley and has made it quite clear that he doesn't want her, but no one else can. At least that is what Virginia believes until she wakes up one morning after getting a little too drunk and finds out that is she is now married to the arrogant, but very sexy wolf shifter alpha. 

Now she can't decide if she wants to love him or leave him. In the meantime, strange things start to happen while they are on their honeymoon and the mysteries keep racking up.

I've read the whole Timber Valley Pack series and so far this one was one of my favorites. I liked the complexity of the characters. I have to admit that Carver is nothing like I pictured him from when we first met him, but I liked the character he turned out to be. He was perfect for Virginia tough exterior. And Virginia in her own right is a complex character who on the one hand wants to help everyone and on the other wants to be as strong as the other alpha members of her family. 

Good job, now I'm looking for to the next installment.

Alphas? Wolf shifter Virginia Battle has had her fill of them. She’s grown up with an Alpha dad and four bossy, overprotective older brothers - so there’s no way in hell she’s going to give arrogant, sexy Carver Lawrence the time of day. Yet he keeps showing up everywhere she goes, scaring off all the guys who want to date her – and not making a single move on her. Then after one drunken night in a casino, she wakes up next to him in bed…with a wedding ring on her finger. 

Now her pack is howling for his blood (literally), he’s insisting that she’s really his wife, and before she knows it she’s whisked off to a sexy honeymoon at a mountain resort. Carver’s known from the minute he laid eyes on Virginia that she was meant to be his – but can a strong-willed woman (with some pretty big secrets) and a demanding dominant Alpha ever find love? 

Just when Virginia’s starting to think that being married to a man who comes equipped with his own handcuffs might not be the worst thing in the world, she and Carver learn that there’s something very wrong at Honeymoon Mountain. Does it have anything to do with the secret she’s been keeping from her family? And with the townspeople hiding a deadly secret of their own, and someone – or something – very scary sniffing around at her cabin, will she survive long enough to find out?

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