Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Steps Books...

Spent the weekend and past few days checking out romance sub-genre of "Steps". I had no doubt that the sub-genre would be mostly erotic, although I read a few short novellas that were just sweet romance.

"Steps" are romance book that explore relationships between step brothers and sisters. Those that have just met as adults when their parents have recently married and those that have been a part of a mixed family for years and are now as adults realized they have loved each other for years.

Over the years I've read plenty of romance books that included step brothers and sisters falling in love that have included great story lines, even under the sub-genre of erotic romance. However, those that are within the recent "Steps" sub-genre wave leave something to be desired.

I kept hoping to find a story that included some kind of substance with a background story that made the immense amount of sex worth reading the story. I've decided though to keep looking. There are enough different "Steps" stories out there to find something worth reading.

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