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Romance Book Review: Anthology Hot Shifter Nights: Paranormal Shapeshifter Romance

Hot Shifter Nights: Paranormal Shapeshifter Romance
Authors: Emerald Wright, Anna Lowe, Michele Bardsley, Lily Thorn, Isadora Montrose, Marie Mason, Becca Fanning, Emma Alisyn, Lynn Red, Sloane Meyers
Genre: Paranormal Romance

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What a nice way to check out a variety of authors who focus on shifter stories. Hot Shifter Nights feature 10 short stories form today's paranormal authors, some you may have heard of and some you may just get to experience for the first time. 

Of the 10 stories, I did run into one I had already read, but since I'd enjoyed it the first time, I didn't mind reading it a second time. One story was part of a serial, but peek my interest enough to check out the continuation of the story. 

While I can't say that all the stories are worth a Five Heart Review, but right off the bat, the first story "Damnation" drew me in and got me checking out more stories by Anna Lowe who was a new author to me. 

Another new author to me was Marie Mason. I fully enjoyed "Stranded with the Wolf". 

"Liam's Bride" by Emma Alisyn was the book I had read before and wound up getting the rest of the series to read after I read it the first time. 

Below is a list of all the stories.

Are you ready to feel HOT?

Ten sexy stories to heat up your Kindle. Featuring stories from your favorite paranormal romance authors, including six bears, three wolves & one dragon! 


- Damnation: He hasn't forgotten her, and she hasn't forgiven him.

- Stranded With The Wolf: For months, CEO Jarod McCall has fought his attraction for his curvy secretary. Why? Because she's more than just a office tryst. She's his mate. When an unexpected storm strands them together for the weekend, the big, bad wolf comes out to play. 

- Hunted by the Alphas: When two Alphas fall for a curvy monster hunter, who will end up hunting whom? 


- The Dragon's Wife: She is the key to a mystery eight-hundred-years-old--and a love that has never died. 


- Bearly A Bride: Wounded warrior bear-shifter Troy saved BBW Lisa Marie's twins from drowning. But how can 2 rambunctious cubs and a grieving widow heal this ex-Green Beret's tortured soul?

- Riding Bearback: Sun Valley is in jeopardy. An age old debt has come due and the residents are in danger of losing their home. A Clan of Bear Shifter Cowboys is the only thing standing between the peaceful townsfolk and a pack of ravenous werewolves 

- Liams Bride: Meredith is Liam's mate, but Liam doesn't know his human tenant is also the daughter of his father's killer. When he discovers her secret, will he abandon her and their baby? 

- Shared by the Bear Clan: In wild, ferocious, dangerously passionate dreams, Adriana loses herself nightly to the clutches of three beautiful men who just happen to turn into gigantic bears. 

- A Blaze to Bear: For smoke-jumping bear shifter Ian Reed, a normal day at the office involves hurling himself out of an airplane and into a wildfire. But when his new coworker turns out to be the impossibly sexy Charlotte, can he take the heat?

- SHIFTER: Black Bear: An island to himself, will loner bear-shifter Ryker open his heart to a woman on the run from her abusive spouse?

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. 

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