Monday, August 15, 2016

Romance Book Review: Emma Allsyn and Starr Huntress' Warrior's Bond

Warrior's Bond
Series Connection: Yadeshi Brides
Author: Emma Allsyn, Starr Huntress
Genre: BBW, Science Fiction, Alien Romance

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Earth of the future is a much different place than today's world. As a single mother of three and with her family background, Zoriah is stuck in her place in society. When her son gets in trouble at school for the third time, she fears her status will change, pushing her small family even more down society's ladder and the worried she won't be able to support her other two children. 

When she finds out her son is getting into trouble purposely to make himself eligible to working with the aliens that now share earth, she is even more concerned. 

With his time almost over on earth and he is chance to go back to his home planet Benyon is sure that his dream of finding a good earth woman to mate will never be realized. That is until he meets the mother of the children he has been mentoring. Unfortunately for Benyon, the children didn't have permission to work with him, so in order to get Zoriah to even spend some time with him, Benyon will have to convince her everything she thinks about the aliens on her planet is wrong.

Quick read with good world building. Great read for science fictions, alien human romance fans. 

Curvy single mom in trouble + elite alien warrior = a chance at the forever kind of love.

Three strikes and he's out. Zoriah's rebellious teenage son is in trouble again- this time, on purpose. She'll do anything to prevent her family breaking up, even allow her children to train for the alien Yadehsi army.

Why raise your sword if you have no mate or family? Elite alien warrior Benyon spends his time on Earth training humans in martial arts. He's come to love the three human children with warrior-spirits, and will do anything to prevent their unhappiness- even if it means going toe-to-toe with their mother- a woman who entices him with her fierce temper, lush beauty and strength of will to raise her children alone.

But she doesn't have to be alone- he won't allow it, not when he's made up his mind she should be his. All he has to do is convince her that alien warriors do it bigger, harder and badder. And when their family is threatened by a spurned would-be lover, Benyon seizes the opportunity to prove his worth. After all, there's more to him than just his big, blue... tattoo.

This is a steamy hot, science fiction romance for readers who love BBW and alpha male alien warriors. Perfect for your lunch break read.

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