Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Romance Book Review: Emma Allsyn's Bear Queen

Bear Queen
Author: Emma Allsyn
Series Connection: Royal Bears
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Shifter Romance

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Queen Izobelle is a little bored and looking for someone to take on a little romp. Since her husband betrayed her years ago, Izo doesn't trust easily and isn't looking for a mate. Now some hunk of a bear/man like Clan Chief Malvin Dacus might be fun for a night, but a little too complicated to get involved with for Izo's taste. 

Malvin is at the Queen's kingdom in hopes for a rich mate to help but some much needed money into his own kingdom. He first thought of mating Izo's daughter, but it turned out she was already taken. Now he wouldn't mind spending some time with the mother. 

It isn't until Malvin spends some time with Izo that he realizes she just might be his mate, but while he's trying to figure out how to court the Queen of a neighboring land, Malvin's sister is out for Melvin's seat as ruler and she will do almost anything to get it. 

This is book three of this series, but it is the first I've read. It didn't seem that I'd missed too much, aside from the first meeting of the Izo and Dacus. That doesn't mean that it wouldn't be best to read the first two book to the series before moving on the third. 

I loved the Queen. Izo has a little wild in her. There is nothing demure about her. She's also willing to fight for her male. Malvin is a young hunk of a man. He has a lot of worries, but is still out to have a good time. The two together are dynamite. Neither is calm and both area alpha and rulers in their own right. This book is more of a fun romp, than a sweet romance. 

The Bear Queen has a fence around her heart. The Alpha Clan Chief has an ax to chop it down. Their enemy lurks, waiting for an opportunity to strike...

Izobelle Sahakian, a Bear Queen renown for her beauty and wit, rules Casakraine with an iron fist. She struggles not to succumb to her desire for the most unsuitable alpha male at court- the leader of a foreign country.

Malvin Dacus, Clan Chief of Talogroth, must seduce a rich bride to save Talogroth. His mission derails when a matebond sparks to life with the headstrong Queen.

But difficulty casts a shadow over their wary, intense courtship. Malvin must end the rebellion of his older sister before she rallies the Clans against him or has him killed. Izobelle may help- but first she has to learn to trust. Will she accept their bond before it's too late, or will the dark side of her past destroy her final chance at happiness?

This is a steamy paranormal bear shifter romance with adventure, court intrigue and family dynamics for readers who enjoy reading about strong, complex heroines and fierce, protective alpha males. 3rd in the Royal Bears series, includes opportunity to download a bonus Happily Ever After short story at the end.

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