Friday, January 16, 2009

You don't need to be big to pack a punch

Bare Witness
Katherine Garbera




Petite. Pretty. Potentially deadly. Justine O'Neill may look like the kind of girl who's never carried anything more hardcore than a designer purse, but she's an expert in small arms and street fighting, with a rap sheet to prove it. Now Justine's been assigned to guard Nigel Carter, CEO of Baron Industries—a company with ties to a past she's rather forget. Her mission: accompany Nigel to Peru, where Baron's new plant is proving highly unpopular. Nowhere in the brief was she instructed to react to in-flight turbulence by engaging in a hotter-than-hell kiss with her gorgeous client.

Nigel's hardly a Guns & Ammo kind of guy, but Justine's tough, weapons-ready persona and sultry looks have him aching to get his hands on much more than her. 38. The sexual heat between them is explosive, irresistible, and very, very dangerous. Because now someone has kidnapped Nigel's daughter, and the only way to get her back is to take the flight right to the enemy's door, where any distraction could be fatal, and falling in love is the riskiest pursuit of all...

My View:
Justine is a tough as nails kind of girl until she meets Nigel. On the surface this is your run of the mill romantic suspense. Where tough girl meets tough, but sensitive, guy and somehow by the end of the book, tough girl turns into, well, a girl. In between there is a lot of actions, some gun fighting and of course through everything there is enough time for the hero and heroine to have sex. In this case a lot of sex. I usually hate books where they take a tough girl and try to mold her into something she really doesn't want to be. In this case, however, I did like this book. The author does suspense well and kept the readers attention until the end of the story. And the sex is hot. The only real problem I had was that the author doesn't really tie up all the lose ends and keeps the reading guessing on a couple important subjects. I would have liked more closure. Oh and did I mention the fact that the guy has a really cool British accent. I just love guys with British accents in books.

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  1. I think this is one book I'm going to have to read. I like the idea of a girl being in control of her actions and the guy being the "sensitive" person in the story.


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