Friday, September 25, 2009

Romance Book Review: Dominant Territory

Author: Cora Zane
ISBN: 978-1-60088-149-7

Genre: Shifter/ Werewolf/ Paranormal


It was love at first sight for Drake when she first sees Libby window shopping. He hasn't been able to get her out of his mind, so when she walks into the local werekind bar, he is immediately drawn to him. The only problem is that Libby is human and there are different rules for his kind.

When Libby first meets Drake she is drawn to him. She knows who and what he is and that he is forbidden, but still she can't stay away. She thought she would have some resistance from the people in town, but she didn't realize how much.

They come from two different worlds. Each with their own rules, being together could be harder than they thought.

I liked Dominant Territory because the author brought out some insightful problems about what it would be like if a human and werewolf mixed in today's society. The novel was well written and thought out. I loved both Drake and Libby and would like to see more books with other characters in the story. If I had any complaint it would be the cover makes Drake look just a little too menacing and not all that appealing. Good thing that I know you can't always tell a book by it's cover.

The moment Libby steps into the Moonlight Run with her girlfriends, she realizes they have made a serious mistake. One look at the clientele and she knows this is no place to have a ladies night out. The backwoods bar is isolated for a very good reason—they cater to local werewolves on the eve of the change.

Drake never thought himself the type to consider a human for a mate. Then Libby shows up and crosses over into Werekind territory. One look at her and his heart is lost. He'll stop at nothing to claim her for his own.

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