Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Romance Book Review: Charlene Hartnady's Omega

Author: Charlene Hartnady
Sereis Connection: Demon Chaser
ISBN: 9781496042392
Genre: Paranormal, Shifter, Action and Adventure
Publisher: Createspace

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Cole is a Demon Chaser sent on a mission to find out why humans are being killed by Demon Wolves. For no apparent reason the Demon Wolves seemed to be going against a very old treaty that has kept them from killing humans. 

When Cole and his sister Ash come upon the Demon Wolf Alpha attacking a human female, they run to her aide. Taking her as far away from the Demon Wolf as possible seems the best recourse. Cole never thought that falling in love with the innocent woman would be part of the plan.

Katy is suddenly kidnapped a local deli. She is thrown into a world she knows nothing about and she's not sure who to trust. Cole could be everything he says he is or the one out to kill her. Taking the chance in hopes of staying alive she goes along with his plans. 

While I liked the story and the world that the author is building, I found that the story was just too short to get to really see if these two would make a good couple. Attraction is one thing, but can they make it in the long haul, is quite another. 

The one good thing about this book is that purchasing it in ebook form can give you a free look at whether you like the writing style of the author and if you want to read along with the rest of the series.  

Demon Chasers…Protectors of humanity. Sworn to uphold the peace. Oath bound to keep the existence of demons a secret. 

Katy is an ordinary girl living an ordinary life…until she’s abducted and for no apparent reason. 

Demon Chaser Cole rescues Katy from the claws of the Alpha of a resident demon wolf pack. Hunted by Bain and his pack, Cole must try and find out why the werewolves are willing to risk a two hundred year long standing agreement with the Demon Chasers in order to have her. Bain is a cruel SOB who’s had run-ins with the Demon Control Agency before so whatever the reason, it’s sure to be depraved. 

The Chaser suspects that Katy is not as innocent as she seems. Cole had better unravel this mystery fast because the shifters are closing in and more importantly, the longer he’s with Katy the more impossible he finds it to resist her. Cole’s been burned before and it almost cost him his career. He’ll be damned if he lets it happen again. 

Demon Chaser Series 
Book 1 Omega (You're looking at it) 
Book 2 Alpha (Available now) 
Book 3 Hybrid (Available now) 
Book 4 Skin (In progress) 
Demon Chaser Series Boxed Set (Book 1-3) (Available now)

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