Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Romance Book Review: Eliza Gayle's Lucas

Author: Eliza Gayle
Series Connection: Southern Shifters
ISBN: 978-1463500757
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Shifter Romance, Erotic Romance
Publisher: Create a Space/Eliza Gayle

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Kira is a psychic on her way to California when she suddenly gets a vision that the man she's been dreaming of for the past few days is being held captive. She isn't sure if it is true or not but the one thing she does know is that this man is her mate and if she doesn't find him soon she'll start to go mad and her clan will be forced to kill her.

When she realizes where he is being held she searches him out and rescues him, but now what. If she mates with him she go against the laws of her clan and if she doesn't she's dead anyway.

Lucas doesn't realize what is happening to him. He's been kidnapped, by who he doesn't know. Now he's being rescued and he isn't sure whether or not he should trust the woman. Why should he for all he knows she's working for the kidnappers. The only thing he does know is that he can't keep his hands off the woman and all he wants is to have her in any way he can and then ditch her somewhere. But she knows more than she should about his kinds and he can't just leave her behind.

I've finally had a chance to sit down and begin to read the first part of the Southern Shifter's series. This is book one. I've already read Bad Kitty, book four, Be Were, book five and Shiftin' Dirty, book six. All of the books can be read on their own, but starting from the beginning gives an idea of the rules of the Southern clans. A lot of detail on the rules of the clan on in this first set, by the time Bad Kitty comes along many of the rules have been broken a few times already. You wouldn't even recognize that Bad Kitty was part of this series.

Lucas is a good start to the series, both characters are strong on their own and push the relationship to the limits. Lucas is a short quick read that I wish was a bit longer, but the story continues in book two with Kane's story and helps to clear up some lose ends.

Kira MacDonald is in trouble. Plagued by false visions and erotic dreams of a man she's never met, she fears losing both her psychic powers and her sanity. The cure? Finding and bonding with her mate. The stubborn red-haired warrior might not want one, but fate has other plans, plans that include her rescuing Lucas Gunn.

As the Guardian of his shape-shifting clan, Lucas Gunn lived a quiet, solitary life. Until he was kidnapped, examined, and tortured. Now imprisoned, his only tie to the outside world is the memory of his dreams and the passionate woman who appears nightly in them. He thought she was nothing more than a vision. Then she came for him.

An uneasy alliance, a mating call that won't be denied, rituals that must be honored, and unrelenting enemies who will stop at nothing to get what they want. It all comes together in the first of Eliza Gayle's sensational Southern Shifter Series. Passion and Pride. Duty and Danger. In the end, there's really only one choice...for Lucas.

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