Sunday, October 12, 2014

Romance Book Review: Mona Ingram's Between a Jock and a Hard Place

Author: Mona Ingram
Previously titled: Blogging From the Heart
Genre: Sweet Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Mona Ingram

Claire has never been much of a hockey fan, but in a family, friends and a home town where hockey rules above all she can't get away for it. After getting run over by a cyclist in the park, Claire is rescued by a handsome stranger, John. Immediately she is taken with John and the best part is no hockey is involved.

Jack is so excited when he meets Claire in the park. She doesn't recognize him and he tells her a little white lie by saying his name is John in hopes she doesn't realize that he is a famous hockey player. Through a series of secrets and misperceptions their relationship begins to unravel before it has even begun.

During it all separate friends ask Claire and Jack to write an anonymous column on their controversial and differing opinions about violence in hockey.

The is a sweet romance story featuring two people looking for love but so far apart on the issues important to them making it hard to see if they will be able to see eye to eye on the issues. The one thing they can agree on is their attraction to each and the relationship that is building between them.

Even though she's surrounded by hockey-crazed family and friends, Claire doesn’t follow the Vancouver Canucks. Her brother has played hockey all of his life and has a promising career in the minors, but that’s as far as her interest goes. So when she meets a large, handsome man with a broken nose she doesn’t recognize him as a key player for the Canucks. 

Jack is intrigued with the notion of getting to know a woman who doesn’t know who he is; someone who isn’t attracted to him because of his fame. 

When Claire’s brother Cam is injured in a hockey game, she offers to blog anonymously for a local newspaper about the hot-button topic violence in hockey, unaware that Jack will be presenting the opposing view. 

Meanwhile, the attraction grows between Claire and Jack, but can they survive the inevitable clash as they discover each other’s true identity? 

Former Title: Blogging From the Heart

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