Saturday, October 11, 2014

Romance Book Review: Lola Taylor's Fever

Author: Lola Taylor
Series Connection: Blood Moon Rising
ISBN: n/a
Genre: Paranormal, Shifter Romance
Publisher: Lola Taylor

Purchase Link: Amazon

Lonely and looking for love, Danica decides to try online dating, but her first date with one of her online admirers, doesn't exactly turn out as she had planned and she winds up needing to be rescued instead.

To her rescue is Gage, the new werewolf alpha and local king. He realizes quickly that she is his mate, but Danica doesn't know anything about shifter or the supernatural community and he has a lot of quick explaining to do, but will she accept him and lose everything when she walks away.

In a secondary story, Danica's online date turns out to want her dead, but there is much more going on then they know.

I really liked the story and it started well, however toward the end I thought it was really rushing and I wished it could spread the scenes out a bit. So far there are three of the six books planned in the series written. This first book is a free read right now, so check it out while you can.

When the Blood Moon rises, the wolves come out to play… and find their mates. 

Danica has about given up on love. In a last-ditch attempt at finding “the one,” she agrees to a blind date through an online dating service. But instead of finding roses and romance, she finds someone intent on killing her. That is, until the mysterious, brooding Gage shows up to save her…. 

Gage is running out of time to find a mate. If the Blood Moon sets before he can find her, he’ll lose the rank of packmaster - and the peace within the pack - he’s worked so hard to obtain. When he saves a luscious blonde in the parking lot, he has no idea she is his mate - until he Marks her with his touch. 

Determined to keep her safe at any cost, Gage whisks Danica away into a hidden world full of lust, unlikely love, and treachery. Someone’s put a hit on his mate, and he’s hell-bent on finding out who, all while the Blood Moon looms closer, threatening to destroy his chances at true love forever. That is, if something - or someone - doesn’t kill the woman he’s falling for first. 

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